Friday, July 5, 2013

Away in mtc

Dear familia, I hope this sends I might try and send it twice. I am sorry I don't know why my last letter didn't send. Tell me if you're getting them. Please do write. I don't have a ton of time to respond but I love to read them. And even if we don't have enough time to read them we take pictures of what you write with our cameras, respond to you and then read them in our rooms. So don't worry about sending too much. This week was another week. We got new people yesterday so we are now the intermediate group crazy huh? I hope you all have a very happy fourth of July there! In the cafeteria they made all American food and gave us lots of treats and decorated it super cute. It honestly made us all so happy! This is one of my favorite holidays so that made me feel better for missing it. We got to do a session today finally...because we got lost last week. Hopefully you get the rest of my email this time, because it tells more of the story in the first half of the letter. I do have some things in the mail so please let me know when you get them. I love to hear from you all so please just write me anything and everything whenever you want. To answer Dad's question on weekends we do basically the same thing, except for Sundays are actually more relaxed because you don't have Spanish classes, and Saturdays we proselyte...yup that's scary. And yes it is in the 60's but it feels colder because of the humidity but I'm sure I like it here more than the heat. Mom Spanish is hard. You think it would be easier being a missionary, and I pray every night that I am learning more than I think I am. But it is soo hard to learn a new language. Especially when people that are trying to teach you it all speak Spanish. .  Also we can't send packages Since i don't know if you got last weeks email what have Doug and Andrea said to you? How are they doing? Tell them to email me and please give me their emails.. Also I don't know if you got this but I cant find stamps here so whenever you send me a letter please put a couple of stamps with it, and if you send a package please do the same. Do they send me letter copies of Dear Elders? I don't have a ton of time to write but I love to read them and like I said I can take pictures of them and read them later also. So last week D. Todd Christofferson came to our MTC and spoke. Peru got their 100th stake this past week. Which is super awesome, and amazing, they started like in the 1950s and already have a 100 now! They beat Brazil! The cool thing about the CCM which is MTC in spanish, is it is small. Like I said only about 150 people so we all got to shake an apostle of the Lords hand! Pretty coole right? Another pretty sweet thing is every two weeks the natives leave, and the people at 6 weeks and then new people come in. Since the ccm is so small we all stay in the same building. The bottom floor is classes, and middle and top floor are rooms. One side of the building is elders and the others side are Hermanas. The only thing that really divides us is a door. that is always shut. Anyway so the night before the people leave for their missions we stand by the door, hermanas on one side elders on the other and sing God Be With you Till We Meet again. Pretty cool right? Anyway I hope this sends. But I am doing well. Spanish is super hard, and we are super busy here. But the people here are awesome and we get taken care of pretty good! The food is also good. Let me know if you got sent the first part of the letter from last week because I talk a lot about the culture here in that one. Anyway I love and mis syou all so much. I hope you're doing well and loving life. I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July. Stay happy and healthy. Tell Doug and Andrea I love and miss them! Tell them to email me and have either one of them show you how to blog and read the letters and instructions I left for you. Pet Guss and Blue for me, show them pictures of me! Often..haha Anyway I love you all and read Alma chapter 32 it is a really good chapter about faith You[ll love it.

With much love, Hermana Megan Jacobson