Saturday, September 14, 2013

HI family. I have a whole bunch of pictures I want to send you but my computer is slow. Like I said I will read your emails after so I am sorry if I miss anything important. Thank you for your letters I got a whole bunch this week including your package with the poster of pictures!! Thank you I love them all so much!!  Anyway I love you all so much and I hope I will be able to upload some photos! I have some with alpacas and llamas!!! Woohooo. I didn’t pet them though because they spit. but yeah last p day we visited the park in our area with alpacas and then we went shopping it was fun. Well I am doing well, this week we have 19 new missionaries coming in and only four are going home so I have no idea how they are going to do that. It’s been a good week. We have our second baptism this week, I am really excited for that it’s an awesome feeling knowing you helped someone get to baptisms. We had a few people change in our area, but I am still with my trainer hna robles which I am happy about. I still feel like my Spanish is way behind but I am trying to stay positive and work hard on that!! This week we have been working with a young man who is 13 his name is Jorge, his father is actually a returned missionary and his sister is a recent convert but
they aren’t very active, we taught him a lesson and the spirit was so strong I actually spoke a lot more than I usually do and said things that I wanted to not only just what I had planned or could think of, it was so great and sooooo strong, and at the end we said so will you prepare to be baptized, there was a moment of silence, the spirit was so strong, he looked at us smiled and said firmly NO! It was a really disappointing moment, even though I know everyone has their agency and not everyone is going to accept I thought that the spirit might change his heart. His dad was even there encouraging him too. It was sad we are still working with him, so hopefully one day. I understand where he is coming form he probably doesn’t see the point in getting baptized because his dad and sister are but don’t go to church so there isn’t really a point to it is how he feels. So we need to work with them and get them to be more active. We did have his sister come to church with us this week so that is a good start!! Anyway I am really excited for our baptism this week, and really really really happy I didn’t change companions my companion is the Maximo she knows a lot about everything and she helps me a ton when I get down on myself about Spanish or something she is so encouraging and we have a lot of fun together>!! Anyway I love you and I love the letters and pictures and packages thank you so much have a fabulous week I hope to hear from you soon

  I love you all with much love Megan