Sunday, February 2, 2014

Dear family and friends,

  Hello everyone!! Well this week has been very good and rewarding!! Hermana Elizabeth the girl that we have been working with did not work out for this Saturday. We honestly were starting to lose a little hope in her. Every time we showed up for an appointment we had planned, or an interview with the leaders she wouldn’t be there. Saturday came and she ended up coming to the young women’s activity. So we had our zone leaders come and talk to her!! That was sure a long hour waiting outside that door. Then they called us in and the Elder said well tell them...she said I am getting baptized this Saturday!! I have never felt such happiness. Not only for her or to finally getting a baptism. Also, for this area and my companion, and our ward! There hasn’t been a baptism in this area for six months, and the number of less actives is way beyond the number of actives. We have been working so hard here, and we have had to rely a lot on faith really. Walking and talking and walking and talking, all to look at the numbers that were severely low compared to my last area. There is always a good lesson to learn though. The numbers really don’t matter, they never have. But I have seen the rejection on the face of my companion. I’ve already seen her shed a lot of tears for just wanting this area to have some glimpse of hope, some sort of change for this ward for the missionaries here. I actually had the sister leader tell me this week during divisions that the missionaries come to the area of La Libertad and ¨just suffer¨ Ironically, as all of this has been happening,  all I can seem to find during my studies have to do with faith. I read ¨Lord, I believe¨ by Elder Holland. I suggest reading it again even if you already have it is really great. It is funny the things that stick out to us at different times. The thing that stuck out to me majorly this week was ¨the size of your faith is not the issue, it’s the integrity you have towards that faith.´ Immediately after I was reading in 1 Nephi 3 and 4 when Nephi and his brothers have to go back to Jerusalem to get the plates...well as we all know Nephi has a lot of faith. But I absolutely love his example, if I recall correctly, I think in verses 15 and 16 he talks about how the Lord has commanded it so that means there is a way. So we shall go and do...¨ this personal, and now companion, and ward theme of faith has really hit me hard this past week. Even though, Nephi had an amazingly large amount of faith. I’ve pondered this story and thought maybe he did doubt at some part, had a little fear at some point. But what really mattered is that he did not falter. He had faith, and he held strong to the faith he did have. He was faithful to his faith. He had integrity to his faith. Well I have much faith and hope for this area. I know there is a lot of work to do, but I also know that if we do our part we will see blessings unfold. I invite you all to remember your faith, stay strong to it and remember that we are loved and our Heavenly Father knows us and our hearts and will never leave us alone!! Have a great week!! 

With love,

   Hermana Jacobson

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Dear family and friends, 

 Hello everyone! Well I have been here in La Libertad for one week now. I have been in shock by how big my new area is it is huge!! Probably about 3 or 4 times the size of Graficos! The family I live with is very nice it is a mom and her two daughters but the younger one is on a vacation so I don’t know her yet. We basically live in a garage. There are always lots of adventures here in Peru!

 My companion is very nice, she is very good missionary and very focused. We have been working really hard here and I have a feeling we will see a lot of miracles here in this area of La Libertad!!

 Ironically even though our area is big our chapel is tiny!! I will have to take a picture and send it. I really like this ward is very nice, and are very good members. There aren't very many but we are hoping to change that!

 There have been a lot of slammed doors and rejection...aka mucho catolicas!! There hasn’t been a baptism here for 6 months, we have a lot of faith that that can change that! We do have someone that accepted a date for this week. Her name is Elizabeth, please pray for her. We have a lot of hope for her she is an amazing young lady!

Other than that everything is good, I have really enjoyed learning and meeting new people. It still is taking time to adjust and get to know people, but that is all part of the fun! And I know I am definitely going to learn a lot these next few weeks!!

 Well until next time Hermana Jacobson!! 


Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dear family and friends,

  All is well here, I am in a different area with a new companion. I am in a place called Umacullo, it is still in Arequipa. It is pretty close to my last area of Graficos. My area has the Elders office in now instead of the mission house I have the mission office in my area!!

 My companion seems really nice, she has ten months in the mission, and is from Peru. I only had time to drop of my luggage and come to internet. So I haven't had a chance to talk with her or get to know her too much, but I hope we will work hard together and become good friends! My house and the family we live with seem really nice. Our room is basically a garage, but that's cool!

 It is always hard to leave your first area at least that is what I have heard and now is kind of sad. I have a lot of friends there that I miss and of course my amazing companion Hermana Weller. She was super hard to leave because we are such great friends. But as we said we got to enjoy Christmas together and make a lot of memories! Many fun and spiritual ones, and of course we will stay friends forever!! Really though she is a great missionary and example to me, I am grateful to have her as a friend and to have had her as a companion. She will do a lot of good and I am glad she is the one taking over Graficos! We have a baptism there next week. And in a couple weeks a family that we have taught a few times. I would love to be there for their baptisms but nonetheless I am happy for them and that they are going to be members of the church. Truly I am just grateful I got to be a part of their conversion process, at least a little!!

 Well I am ready to see this new area and get to know and meet lots of amazing people!! I will let you all know of my first week!! Thanks for all of the love and support, take care be safe, pray hard and remember you are loved!!

 Hermana Jacobson

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Dear family and friends,

  Well it sure has been a crazy year, I remember this time last year I hadn't even received my call yet! So many things have happened from getting my call to the long six month wait, to actually stepping off the plane in Arequipa Peru!! Now I am almost 7 months in to my mission and speak Spanish sometimes. I have really gained such a greater love, knowledge, and testimony for the gospel!! 

 Back two weeks ago was Christmas, it was a wonderful day to get to talk to my family. I learned it really doesn't matter where you are, there is still a spirit in the air of Christmas! Christmas in Peru is a little bit different. We celebrate it on Christmas Eve, which is called Buena Noche here. That is when they do all of the celebration. Gift giving, family time, whatever is all the night before Christmas...truthfully they don't do anything on Christmas day. Some of the traditions that they have here that are unique is a little bit before midnight they drink hot chocolate and eat paneton, which is fruitcake...don't worry though it is much  better here than in the states! And at midnight the fireworks go off...and well we are not in Utah anymore!! Just about a billion huge fireworks go off everywhere, in every direction, by your house, your new yourself!! Everywhere...and even though my companion and I were scared and shielding ourselves most of the time, we had a lot of fun and a very different but memorable Christmas! On Christmas day after we got to talk to our families, we went to sing in the Plaza De Armas with most of the missionaries in Arequipa. That was really a beautiful thing, the spirit was so strong there. I had a moment while singing and looking around thinking how beautiful it is that all of these people my friends, in the Mission Peru Arequipa. Come from all over the world, literally. We all have different trials different views, different purposes, but in the end we are all here doing what we know is right and united in our faith!! After all of that life went back to  preaching the gospel and was good!! New Year’s came and the fireworks where even bigger and louder I didn’t even know that was possible!! 

 It is crazy to me, this is truly the year of my mission and I am so excited to be here and learn more and grow! I am very grateful for all of the support and love that I have seen. I have truly seen so many blessings and miracles while being here in the wonderful place of Peru!! Thank you for all of your love, and prayers! I am so blessed and doing well, thanks for everything and have a fabulous first month of 2014!!

  Con mucho amor, 

            Hermana Jacobson

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dear friends and family,

 Feliz Navidad!!! I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!! This has been a very fun and different week. This Tuesday we had a Christmas party with the mission that was a lot of fun!! We did a really fun skit and had some good Christmas thoughts as well as great food!!! Not going to lie it was nice to eat some good (normal) Christmas food! It was a fun little party!

  We have been working a lot with three really good investigators. Hermana Marylyn, she is the Mom of Laskmy (our last baptism.) Hermano Jaime, he is a reference and a son of the Relief Society President in our ward. And Hermana Aissa, she is 12 years old, super receptive, and her Mom is Member but is inactive so we are going to work with her too. We have been working really hard with these three. We have seen a lot of miracles come our way. It is so cool to see the immense blessings that come when you work hard and truly strive for the spirit. So many people in our ward have been working with us and really helping us out. We are really excited and hoping I will stay here for another that we can see all of the results in January!! We have a good feeling and are really working hard and praying to have a good start to the New Year next month!! 

 It is always hard to have the first Christmas without the fam..and being away from home, but I know that this is where I am supposed to be. I feel super blessed to get to be in the Area I am in, and with my wonderful companion who is truly one of my best friends! We have had a lot of adventures here and I am so happy and blessed to get to live in this wonderful place of Arequipa Peru while serving the Lord. 

  In this Christmas season I just hope that everyone remembers the true meaning of it! Ha-ha I know that is the missionary answer, but being here away from home and everything I have come to truly learn the amazing blessings of the gospel. Not only are we so blessed to get to learn and grow, and know the fullness of truth. But, we are also blessed with the opportunity to know and feel the spirit. I hope that by the end on my mission I will know and understand a lot of things! But one thing I do know is that I have really come to know and recognize the spirit and the peace that it brings. There is a true beauty in contentness. We should always be trying to better ourselves, so that we one day can be worthy to join the Lord. But my simple thought this letter   is to express my knowledge and testimony on the many blessings the gospel can bring us. One of them is the blessing of contentness , and being happy and well, where ever we may be, and in whatever circumstance. Remember that through the gospel, obedience, and faith we can always have a feeling of peace and contentness in us. 

I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year! I love you and miss you all, but I am truly blessed to be here serving the Lord in the wonderful place at this great time. I am very grateful for the wonderful friends and family I having supporting me at home. Thank you so much for all of your love, prayers and support. Remember God lives and loves and guides. We are never alone, and we never have to be. I love you all!! With all of my love, Hermana Jacobson



Sunday, December 8, 2013

I am still in Graficos which I am super happy about, because my Spanish is picking up and I am actually starting to get to know people here. I know the area, I like where we live. We live with our pensiontista so that makes life a lot easier too! Plus Christmas is this transfer and the rain is going to start woohooo I am super excited!! But my companion did get transferred. We had a good time and she is a super super good friend of mine, there were some tears, but at the same time we both felt like it was just time. We had three transfers together...but my new companion is Hermana Weller....yup that is right another North American!! Ha-ha honestly I have a good feeling about it and I am excited, especially for Christmas...I have not met her yet as she is coming from another area so I won’t see her till the afternoon, but I am excited to get to know her and I think it will be good. I also feel better about my Spanish!! Most people don’t get to be with other North Americans so I feel that that means my Spanish is doing pretty well so wohhhoo! There is a photo of the Hermana’s that were in my zone, one is going home this transfer, my companion, and Hermana Romney. They closed one of the areas so we are going to be the only Hermana’s in our zone. Hey! Check out our shirts!! 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

I am still in Graficos  my companion is still with me we are both super happy about it. I also finished my training! So that is pretty cool. This week was a lot of fun we had a lot of meetings and activities they all went really well we were super busy this week. One of our activities was the service activity. We helped a member clean her house...there are no words other than hoarders times ten...yeah that is about it. But don’t worry dad I worked hard and was with all the Elders. I sent Doug a photo of my feet keep in mind I had socks and shoes on...just to get an idea of how messy it was.

 We have been working with two awesome investigators and have been teaching them almost every day! It has been a really awesome and spiritual experience for me because I have been understand a ton more and I speak a lot not just testify but actually teach the points!! We have two baptisms one this week and the other the next week! We are super excited and they are really amazing and receptive people please pray for them that everything will work out!!!!! Their names are Lydia and Thomas.

We received your package it   made my companions life I don’t think it really mattered what was inside she loved it and really anything from the states she can put in her memory journal. She loved it because we love getting pens and pencils we can use them and really anything is great. It was great but it is true Latinos never get letter or packages. So it was an awesome surprise!

Well as always it is good to hear from you I love you all so much. Send me lots of fall and Halloween pictures, be happy and safe. I love you all like crazy. I hope you have a great week. Keep me updated stay SAFE and know that I love you all pray for you all and think of you all very often!!

With all of my love Hermana Megan Lee Jacobson