Sunday, February 2, 2014

Dear family and friends,

  Hello everyone!! Well this week has been very good and rewarding!! Hermana Elizabeth the girl that we have been working with did not work out for this Saturday. We honestly were starting to lose a little hope in her. Every time we showed up for an appointment we had planned, or an interview with the leaders she wouldn’t be there. Saturday came and she ended up coming to the young women’s activity. So we had our zone leaders come and talk to her!! That was sure a long hour waiting outside that door. Then they called us in and the Elder said well tell them...she said I am getting baptized this Saturday!! I have never felt such happiness. Not only for her or to finally getting a baptism. Also, for this area and my companion, and our ward! There hasn’t been a baptism in this area for six months, and the number of less actives is way beyond the number of actives. We have been working so hard here, and we have had to rely a lot on faith really. Walking and talking and walking and talking, all to look at the numbers that were severely low compared to my last area. There is always a good lesson to learn though. The numbers really don’t matter, they never have. But I have seen the rejection on the face of my companion. I’ve already seen her shed a lot of tears for just wanting this area to have some glimpse of hope, some sort of change for this ward for the missionaries here. I actually had the sister leader tell me this week during divisions that the missionaries come to the area of La Libertad and ¨just suffer¨ Ironically, as all of this has been happening,  all I can seem to find during my studies have to do with faith. I read ¨Lord, I believe¨ by Elder Holland. I suggest reading it again even if you already have it is really great. It is funny the things that stick out to us at different times. The thing that stuck out to me majorly this week was ¨the size of your faith is not the issue, it’s the integrity you have towards that faith.´ Immediately after I was reading in 1 Nephi 3 and 4 when Nephi and his brothers have to go back to Jerusalem to get the plates...well as we all know Nephi has a lot of faith. But I absolutely love his example, if I recall correctly, I think in verses 15 and 16 he talks about how the Lord has commanded it so that means there is a way. So we shall go and do...¨ this personal, and now companion, and ward theme of faith has really hit me hard this past week. Even though, Nephi had an amazingly large amount of faith. I’ve pondered this story and thought maybe he did doubt at some part, had a little fear at some point. But what really mattered is that he did not falter. He had faith, and he held strong to the faith he did have. He was faithful to his faith. He had integrity to his faith. Well I have much faith and hope for this area. I know there is a lot of work to do, but I also know that if we do our part we will see blessings unfold. I invite you all to remember your faith, stay strong to it and remember that we are loved and our Heavenly Father knows us and our hearts and will never leave us alone!! Have a great week!! 

With love,

   Hermana Jacobson