Sunday, November 17, 2013

I am still in Graficos  my companion is still with me we are both super happy about it. I also finished my training! So that is pretty cool. This week was a lot of fun we had a lot of meetings and activities they all went really well we were super busy this week. One of our activities was the service activity. We helped a member clean her house...there are no words other than hoarders times ten...yeah that is about it. But don’t worry dad I worked hard and was with all the Elders. I sent Doug a photo of my feet keep in mind I had socks and shoes on...just to get an idea of how messy it was.

 We have been working with two awesome investigators and have been teaching them almost every day! It has been a really awesome and spiritual experience for me because I have been understand a ton more and I speak a lot not just testify but actually teach the points!! We have two baptisms one this week and the other the next week! We are super excited and they are really amazing and receptive people please pray for them that everything will work out!!!!! Their names are Lydia and Thomas.

We received your package it   made my companions life I don’t think it really mattered what was inside she loved it and really anything from the states she can put in her memory journal. She loved it because we love getting pens and pencils we can use them and really anything is great. It was great but it is true Latinos never get letter or packages. So it was an awesome surprise!

Well as always it is good to hear from you I love you all so much. Send me lots of fall and Halloween pictures, be happy and safe. I love you all like crazy. I hope you have a great week. Keep me updated stay SAFE and know that I love you all pray for you all and think of you all very often!!

With all of my love Hermana Megan Lee Jacobson

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